Jimeno Cope & David Law Offices is a full-service law firm engaged in the practice of the major fields of law such as corporate, labor, litigation of civil and criminal cases, family relations, immigration, trademarks and patents, international law, environmental law, and alternative dispute resolution with special focus on arbitration and mediation. It also handles special projects such as estate planning and settlement, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures.

The firm also accepts notarization of deeds and instruments, including last Wills and Testaments.

The firm's clientele are classified as corporate and individual. The corporate clients of the firm range from manufacturing to trading, restaurants, hospitals, broadcasting, advertising, overseas employment, security agency, real estate development, resorts and computer firms.

The firm's individual clientele involve cases of family relations such as adoption and annulment of marriage, criminal cases, land disputes, probate of wills and settlement of estates, immigration, naturalization, infringement of trademarks and unfair competition, damages, ejectment and collection of sums of money to criminal cases such as estafa, bouncing checks, reckless imprudence, among others.

The firm represents clients in arbitration cases while the Managing Partner, Rita Linda V. Jimeno, is a practicing international commercial arbitrator and mediator.

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